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  1. Scenario Planning for Cities and Regions

    Managing and Envisioning Uncertain Futures
    Abril 2020
    Robert Goodspeed

    This book will be available in April 2020. “The extensive collection of theories, methods, and applications builds a compelling case for collaborative scenario planning as a central approach to...

  2. Confronting Regional Challenges

    Approaches to LULUs, Growth, and Other Vexing Governance Problems
    Junio 1991
    Edited by Joseph DiMento and LeRoy Graymer

    Can rival community groups “get to yes” when it is in the public’s interest to resolve disputes arising from locally unwanted land uses (LULUs)? “Not in my backyard” (...

  3. Economics and Tax Policy

    Enero 1986
    Karl E. Case

    This clear and concise explanation of the basic principles of microeconomic theory shows the implications of property tax policy for individual enterprises. The first section introduces the basic...

  4. 2020 C. Lowell Harriss Dissertation Fellowship Program

    Graduate Student Fellowship
    Oportunidades de becas de posgrado
    Enero 2020

    The C. Lowell Harriss Dissertation Fellowship Program assists Ph.D. students, primarily at U.S. universities, whose research complements the Lincoln Institute's interests in land and tax policy.

  5. Rezoning History

    Influential Minneapolis Policy Shift Links Affordability, Equity
    Revista Land Lines
    Enero 2020
    By Kathleen McCormick, January 16, 2020

    With the arrival of 2020, Minneapolis becomes the first major U.S. city to implement a ban on single-family zoning in every neighborhood. For decades, single-family zoning had locked up nearly three-...

  6. Capital Ideas

    Washington, DC's Ambitious Plan to Distribute Affordable Housing More Equitably
    Revista Land Lines
    Enero 2020
    By Liz Farmer, January 15, 2020

    About half of the nearly 52,000 affordable housing units in Washington, DC, are located in the city’s poorest neighborhoods. A forward-looking housing plan aims to redraw that map.

  7. Climate Change

    Great Lakes Communities Use Scenario Planning to Prepare for Rising Waters
    Revista Land Lines
    Enero 2020
    By Emma Zehner, January 15, 2020

    As climate change amplifies Lake Michigan’s natural fluctuations and brings increased storminess, local officials are reexamining their coastal management policies and starting to plan for an...

  8. Land Lines, January 2020

    Revista Land Lines
    Enero 2020
    Edited by Katharine Wroth

    This issue explores the elimination of single-family zoning in Minneapolis, the potential for funding green infrastructure with value capture, the impacts of the shifting retail landscape on...

  9. Long-Term Plans: To Build for Resilience, We’ll Need to Design With—Not Against—Nature

    Enero 8, 2020
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  10. Low-Income Baltimore Blocks Host Bigger, More Dangerous Mosquitoes

    Scientific American
    Enero 1, 2020
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias


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