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  1. A Politician’s Appraisal of Property Taxation

    Israel’s Experience with the Arnona
    Documentos de trabajo
    Septiembre 1999
    Dan Darin

    Throughout the world, governments are searching for better taxation systems than those we are familiar with to finance the activities of local authorities. Every known local taxation system includes...

  2. Land Lines, March 1999

    Revista Land Lines
    Marzo 1999
    Edited by Ann LeRoyer

    This issue looks at the introduction of value-based property taxation in Poland; the demographic, geographic, and economic influences of land use and growth patterns in Bogota, Colombia; and the...

  3. Myths and Realities of Public Land Leasing

    Canberra and Hong Kong
    Revista Land Lines
    Marzo 1999
    By Yu-Hung Hong

    Many scholars and analysts have suggested that public leasehold systems could allow governments to benefit from a share of future increased land value. Some have even argued that other policy...

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