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  1. Programa para la República Popular de China

    Julio 2016

    The China Program explores issues and challenges relating to land and taxation policy in China with a focus on rapid urban development, fundamental land policy and tax reform. The work is...

  2. Mortgage Enforcement and Public Regulatory Actions in China in Selected Chinese Cities

    Documentos de trabajo
    Julio 2016

    This paper serves as a primer to examine the issues extant in the Chinese mortgage enforcement system; to analyze overbuilding and vacancy in three Chinese cities; and to explore the possibility of...

  3. Where Does Your City’s Property Tax Rate Rank?

    Next City
    Junio 28, 2016
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  4. New Book Champions the Benefits of Property Taxes

    National Mortgage Professional
    Abril 9, 2016
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  5. The property tax as “A Good Tax”

    Entradas de blog
    Marzo 2016
  6. Lincoln Institute Publications

    Marzo 1, 2016
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  7. Land’s role in a changing China

    Entradas de blog
    Febrero 2016

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