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  1. Atlas of Urban Expansion

    Junio 2012
    Shlomo Angel, Jason Parent, Daniel L. Civco, and Alejandro M. Blei

    Note: This volume is currently out of stock and an updated edition is now available in two volumes — Atlas of Urban Expansion—2016 Edition, Volume 1: Areas and Densities and Atlas of...

  2. Planning Support Systems for Cities and Regions

    Octubre 2008
    Edited by Richard K. Brail

    This book invites the reader to join in a virtual dialogue with its authors—educators, theorists, model builders, and planners—about technology and the social context in which technology...

  3. Visioning and Visualization

    People, Pixels, and Plans
    Abril 2008
    Michael Kwartler and Gianni Longo

    Two remarkable phenomena have affected the practice of planning over the past two decades: the rise of public involvement as an integral component of urban decision making, and the technological...

  4. Engaging the Future

    Forecasts, Scenarios, Plans, and Projects
    Abril 2007
    Edited by Lewis D. Hopkins and Marisa A. Zapata

    This heavily illustrated best seller provides students and experienced planners with tools and examples to help communities prepare for uncertain futures. It explains how to utilize forecasts,...

  5. Visualizing Density

    Febrero 2007
    Julie Campoli and Alex S. MacLean

    “There are plenty of reasons why dense development makes sense, but Americans are supposed to hate the ‘d-word,’ right? Campoli and MacLean show us how we can have it all –...

  6. City Tech

    Data Companies Track Our Pandemic Patterns
    Revista Land Lines
    Junio 2020
    By Rob Walker, June 30, 2020

    Numina, a tech startup based in Brooklyn, New York, uses purpose-built sensors to gather data on pedestrian and bicyclist behavior, offering urban planners, policy makers, and mobility-focused...

  7. Virtual Viewpoints

    Will the Pandemic Change the Face of Public Meetings Forever?
    Revista Land Lines
    Mayo 2020
    By Liz Farmer, May 20, 2020

    Over the past 25 years, the western edge of Missoula, Montana, has been a hotbed of growth. Thousands of residents have moved into new neighborhoods built on former agricultural land, with big box...

  8. New Publication

    Scenario Planning for Cities and Regions Teaches Planners How—and Why—to Apply This Critical Tool
    Revista Land Lines
    Abril 2020
    By Allison Ehrich Bernstein, April 6, 2020

    In the face of rapid changes to technology, the climate, and the global economy, a growing number of cities and regions use scenario planning to prepare for an uncertain future. The new book Scenario...

  9. City Tech

    New Apps Encourage Climate Positive Design
    Revista Land Lines
    Marzo 2020
    By Rob Walker, March 24, 2020

    A couple of years ago, landscape architect Pamela Conrad got curious about the climate impact of her work. How much carbon dioxide did her chosen materials release into the atmosphere? How much...

  10. Looking Ahead

    Five Tips for Successful Scenario Planning
    Revista Land Lines
    Marzo 2020
    By Robert Goodspeed, March 11, 2020

    What will the future look like, and how can your community best prepare for it? The first in-depth, book-length examination of scenario planning—a process that enables communities to create and...


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