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  1. Fiscal Decentralization and Land Policies

    Mayo 2008
    Edited by Gregory K. Ingram and Yu-Hung Hong

    The study of fiscal decentralization has important policy implications for urban growth management, environmental conservation, and property taxation. First, fiscal decentralization gives local...

  2. Lincoln Institute among signatories in call to new administration on infrastructure

    Comunicados de prensa
    Diciembre 17, 2008
  3. Getting it right

    Entradas de blog
    Diciembre 2008
  4. A blueprint that's green

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    Diciembre 2008
  5. Planning for change

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    Noviembre 2008
  6. A new era

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    Noviembre 2008
  7. Beijing and Shanghai

    Places of Change and Contradiction
    Revista Land Lines
    Octubre 2008
    Christine Saum

    When the 2007–2008 class of Loeb Fellows from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design met for the first time in May 2007 to discuss options for the study trip that would conclude a year at...

  8. Management of Suburban Growth

    Changes in Land Use and the Real Estate Market in the Area of Influence of the New International Airport of Quito, Ecuador
    Documentos de trabajo
    Octubre 2008
    Andrea Carrión

    This study analyzes development policies in suburban areas of the city of Quito and the effects of these policies on land use and the real estate market during the period from 1997 to 2007, with...

  9. Fall lecture series set

    Entradas de blog
    Septiembre 2008
  10. Land Lines, July 2008

    Revista Land Lines
    Julio 2008
    Edited by Ann LeRoyer

    This issue looks at place-making strategies to combat poverty, unemployment, and other issues plaguing U.S. cities; the dynamics and effects of urban sprawl and possible remedies to overgrown...


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