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  1. Land Readjustment for Urban Development and Post-Disaster Reconstruction

    Revista Land Lines
    Enero 2012
    Yu-Hung Hong and Isabel Brain

    A long-established land management tool—land readjustment (LR)—has attracted recent attention and is being adopted to assist post-earthquake reconstruction efforts in Chile. It emphasizes...

  2. The Impact of Climate Change on Land

    Mayo 2011
    Robert Mendelsohn

    In this paper, Robert Mendelsohn discusses land use changes in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and recreational activities. Although the precise magnitude of climate change is not known,...

  3. Making Room for a Planet of Cities

    Enfoques en políticas de suelo
    Enero 2011
    Shlomo Angel, with Jason Parent, Daniel L. Civco, and Alejandro M. Blei

    This report—the precursor to Planet of Cities—provides policy makers and planners with a conceptual framework for understanding urban expansion and provides research-based suggestions for...

  4. Land Lines, April 2003

    Revista Land Lines
    Abril 2003
    Edited by Ann LeRoyer

    This issue looks at the unanticipated improvements in property tax administration and uniformity in the U.S.; the relationships between growth, land use, and water supply in the West; the need for...

  5. Redefinición de los derechos de propiedad en la era de la liberalización y la privatización

    Revista Land Lines
    Noviembre 1999

    Una versión más actualizada de este artículo está disponible como parte del capítulo 2 del libro Perspectivas urbanas: Temas críticos en políticas de suelo de América Latina. En países...

  6. Redefining Property Rights in the Age of Liberalization and Privatization

    Revista Land Lines
    Noviembre 1999

    An apparent paradox exists in developing countries between a more progressive definition of property rights and current trends toward privatization. On one hand, most proposals and programs of urban...

  7. Land Lines, November 1997

    Revista Land Lines
    Noviembre 1997
    Edited by Ann LeRoyer

    This issue offers an analysis of infrastructure planning and development in urbanized regions across the world; recommended strategies for smart growth in the southern U.S.; transitional land policy...


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