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Overall Population
Filter by 2016 population.
Has the city rebounded?
Filter by whether the city’s population is continuing to decline (2016 was the minimum population), stabilizing (the population trough was 2010), or rebounding (the population trough was prior to 2010).
Population Change
Filter by percentage of city population lost from its peak.
Racial/Ethnic Majority
Filter by majority racial/ethnic group.
Foreign-Born Percentage
Filter by percentage of population born outside the United States.
Working Age Population
Filter by percentage of the population between 24 and 54.
Per Capita Income
Filter by average income per person.
Poverty Rate
Filter by percentage of population below the federal poverty line.
Job Growth
Filter by jobs the city gained or lost between 2005 and 2015.
Center City in MSA?
Filter by whether the city is the center city in its Metropolitan Statistical Area.
Ratio of city to MSA median household income
Filter by difference between city and Metropolitan Statistical Area median household income.
City Jobs Held by Residents
Filter by percent of in-city jobs held by residents.
Median Home Value
Filter by midpoint value of homes.
Vacancy Rate
Filter by percentage of vacant homes.
Home Ownership Rate
Filter by percentage of population that owns a home.
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