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    The Fiscally Standardized Cities (FiSC) database allows users to create a custom table with fiscal information for selected cities. To create a table, select one or more cities, one or more years, and one or more fiscal variables. The default display options can be also adjusted, and users can choose whether to display data for FiSCs and/or one of the component governments (Cities, counties, school districts, and special districts).

    Some users may find it easier to download the entire dataset rather than creating a custom table:

    Additional information on the FiSC database and related resources are provided in the following documents:

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    • ? The Core FiSC sample includes the two largest cities in each state, plus all cities with populations of 200,000+ in 2010 or 150,000+ in 1980.
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    • ? The Legacy Cities sample includes cities with population declines of at least 20% from their peak, poverty rates exceeding the national average, and a peak population of at least 50,000. Learn More
    • ? All Cities includes cities in either the Core FiSC or legacy cities sample. There are 33 cities in both groups.


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    Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Fiscally Standardized Cities Database
    Accessed on: April 25, 2024

    Note: The reported average and median for all levels of government reported in the FiSC database excludes Washington, DC, because the city is responsible for providing services that are typically the responsibility of state governments. The city is thus not comparable to the other FiSCs. The average is not weighted by city population.

    Note: The FiSC database reports "county" revenues and expenditures for six FiSCs that are served by consolidated city-county governments and thus do not really have overlying county governments (Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Kansas City (KS), Louisville, Baton Rouge, and Nashville). The reported "county" fiscal variables are for separate independent municipalities that had to be added to the FiSC estimates, because it was not possible to subtract expenditures provided by the consolidated government to residents of these independent municipalities. In 2012, "county" general expenditures per capita were $92 on average for these six FiSCs, versus $1,092 for the 121 FiSCs with overlying county governments. See the section on county allocations to FiSCs in "Methodology Used to Create Fiscally Standardized Cities Database" for details.

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