Truth in Taxation


West Virginia



Limit Type

Full Disclosure/Truth in Taxation Requirement

Limit Name

Truth in Taxation

Limit Description

Counties and municipalities can increase property tax revenue by 1% each year, while school districts have a 2% cap. Public hearings can be held to allow revenue to increase by up to 10%. Notice of the public hearing must be advertised at least 7 days before the date of the hearing in newspaper of general circulation in the county or municipality. The notice must conform to certain font, size, and placement requirements and must include the following information: the percentage amount by which the current total assessed value of property exceeds that of the prior year; the tax rate for each class of property which would generate the same amount of property tax as the prior year when levied upon the current total assessed value of property; the proposed tax rate for each class of property; the revenue generated in the previous year; the revenue generated under the proposed tax rate; the revenue generated by new property and improvements; and the time, date, and location of the hearing.

Override Process

Not applicable.

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This limit went into effect for counties, municipalities, and school districts in 1990. A Class IV town or village (population of 2,000 or less) may post notices of the public hearing in the town hall in lieu of publishing the notice in a newspaper,


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