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  1. Mediating Land Use Disputes

    Pros and Cons
    Policy Focus Reports
    April 2000
    Lawrence Susskind, Mieke van der Wansem, and Armand Ciccarelli

    Land use planning in America began with a concern for the efficient allocation of land, but has shifted to a concern for procedural fairness in allocating public resources, which requires increased...

  2. State Property Rights Laws

    The Impacts of Those Laws on My Land
    Policy Focus Reports
    April 1999
    Harvey M. Jacobs

    The conservative land use movement that emerged in the 1990s to promote the interests of private property owners has pursued a vigorous legislative agenda at all levels of government. All 50 state...

  3. Open Space Conservation

    Investing In Your Community's Economic Health
    Policy Focus Reports
    February 1998
    John Tibbetts

    This report describes several techniques of delineating the economic value of open space, explaining their strengths and limitations. The report also analyzes the effectiveness, practicality, and...

  4. Risks and Rewards of Brownfield Redevelopment

    Policy Focus Reports
    April 1997
    James G. Wright

    Brownfields are abandoned or under-used industrial and commercial facilities where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination that may present direct...

  5. The New Urbanism

    Hope or Hype for American Communities?
    Policy Focus Reports
    November 1996
    William Fulton

    Since the early 1980s, a group of planners, architects, and developers have been rebelling against “conventional” suburban development as practiced in the United States since the end of...

  6. On Borrowed Land

    Public Policies for Floodplains
    Policy Focus Reports
    June 1996
    Scott Faber

    Flooding is a natural hydrologic occurrence, but flood-related damage to property and the risks to human life are exacerbated by urban growth and other intensive development in floodplains. The...

  7. Alternatives to Sprawl

    Policy Focus Reports
    December 1995
    Dwight Young

    Sprawl is not a recent phenomenon. There is general agreement that it began in the construction boom of the post-World War II years and really came into its own with the initiation of the Interstate...

  8. Managing Land as Ecosystem and Economy

    Policy Focus Reports
    November 1995
    Edited by Alice E. Ingerson

    Environmentalists and resource users have banded together behind the common goal, or at least the common slogan, of “sustainable development.” What are the economic, political, and social...

  9. Land Policy and Boom-Bust Real Estate Markets

    Policy Focus Reports
    September 1994
    Edited by Jonathan D. Cheney

    U.S. land and real estate markets went on a roller coaster ride in the 1980s and early 1990s. The combination of economic growth, demographic change, and federal tax and banking policies that...


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