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  1. Town–Gown Collaboration in Land Use and Development

    Policy Focus Reports
    June 2009
    Yesim Sungu-Eryilmaz

    Once considered enclaves of intellectual pursuit, institutions of higher education now play a much broader role in their neighborhoods and cities. The character of communities near expanding...

  2. Property Tax Circuit Breakers

    Fair and Cost-Effective Relief for Taxpayers
    Policy Focus Reports
    May 2009
    John H. Bowman, Daphne A. Kenyon, Adam Langley and Bethany P. Paquin

    This report presents the rationale for providing property tax relief to those who have a high relative tax burden, compares the fairness of various criteria used by states for eligibility, and...

  3. Property Tax Assessment Limits

    Lessons from Thirty Years of Experience
    Policy Focus Reports
    June 2008
    Mark Haveman and Terri A. Sexton

    During the 30 years since California adopted its groundbreaking tax limitation measure known as Proposition 13, pressure has persisted for states to adopt various forms of property tax relief. These...

  4. The City-CLT Partnership

    Municipal Support for Community Land Trusts
    Policy Focus Reports
    June 2008
    John Emmeus Davis and Rick Jacobus

    Based on a review of three dozen municipal programs and interviews with local officials and community land trust (CLT) practitioners, this report describes how cities are investing in existing CLTs...

  5. Transforming Community Development with Land Information Systems

    Policy Focus Reports
    March 2008
    Sarah Treuhaft and G. Thomas Kingsley

    A new era of data democracy has arrived, enabling tremendous improvements in land information systems and opening up a wealth of opportunities for the practice of community development and the...

  6. The Property Tax-School Funding Dilemma

    Policy Focus Reports
    December 2007

    This report seeks to correct common misconceptions surrounding the practice of relying on the proprety tax to fund public schools. Through a comprehensive review of research and seven case studies,...

  7. Reinventing Conservation Easements

    A Critical Examination and Ideas for Reform
    Policy Focus Reports
    September 2005
    Jeff Pidot

    Conservation easements represent one of the most rapid trends in land conservation. Beyond tax credits, tax deductions, and other public subsidies that provide financial incentive for landowners to...

  8. Tierra vacante en las ciudades de América Latina

    Desafíos y oportunidades
    Policy Focus Reports
    December 2004
    Adriana de Araujo Larangeira

    This Spanish-language publication, Tierra vacante en las ciudades de América Latina: Desafíos y oportunidades (Vacant Land in Latin American Cities: Challenges and Opportunities),...

  9. Exploring Ad Hoc Regionalism

    Policy Focus Reports
    December 2002
    Douglas R. Porter and Allan D. Wallis

    A growing number of urban challenges—from threats of environmental degradation and sprawl, to social and fiscal disparity, to economic transformation and globalization—call for action at...

  10. Regionalism on Purpose

    Policy Focus Reports
    August 2001
    Kathryn A. Foster

    In the past decade, interest in and experience with U.S. metropolitan regionalism have mushroomed as public officials, civic leaders, and metropolitan residents seek to address complicated regional...


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