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  1. Case Study: Law and the Urban Environment

    Using the Law to Resolve Conflicts Over Land
    October 2018
    Thomas Coggin

    This case study considers conflicts over urban land, a problem prevalent in many densely settled environments today, and advocates for the use of the law as a way to balance competing interests.

  2. Fideicomisos de suelo comunitarios en las favelas de Río

    Si se establecen fideicomisos de suelo comunitarios en asentamientos informales, ¿se podría ayudar a resolver la crisis mundial de viviendas asequibles?
    Land Lines Magazine
    July 2018
    Por Theresa Williamson

    La titulación masiva de territorios ocupados de forma ilegal en Brasil podría ocasionar una ola de aburguesamiento y desalojos. Debido a esto, el esfuerzo por promover la seguridad en...

  3. Community Land Trusts in Rio’s Favelas

    Could Community Land Trusts in Informal Settlements Help Solve the World’s Affordable Housing Crisis?
    Land Lines Magazine
    July 2018
    By Theresa Williamson

    Mass titling of illegally occupied public land in Brazil could trigger a wave of gentrification and eviction. This adds relevance to a push to promote security of tenure in these communities.

  4. El Fideicomiso de la Tierra del Caño Martín Peña

    Instrumento Notable de Regularización de Suelo en Asentamientos Informales
    Working Papers
    June 2018
    Line Algoed, María E. Hernández Torrales, y Lyvia N. Rodríguez Del Valle

    El Fideicomiso de la Tierra del Caño Martín Peña se creó en 2004 en asentamientos informales aledaños a un canal estuario contaminado, en una localización...

  5. Journalists Forum looks at the central role of land

    Blog Posts
    May 2018
  6. Lincoln Institute marks 10th anniversary of Center for Urban Development and Land Policy in Beijing

    Videos and Multimedia
    May 2018

    On October 14, 2017, the Lincoln Institute marked the 10th anniversary of the Peking University-Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy in Beijing.

  7. Gestión de Instrumentos Base Suelo de Financiamiento para el Desarrollo Urbano en América Latina

    May 7, 2018

    Este curso tiene como objetivo fortalecer la capacidad de formación en gestión de la valorización del suelo urbano de educadores en América Latina.

  8. 'Kelo' Goes to Hollywood

    April 27, 2018
    Lincoln Institute in the News
  9. Land Values, Property Rights, and Home Ownership

    Implications for Property Taxation in Peru
    Working Papers
    February 2018
    Zackary Hawley, Juan José Miranda, and W. Charles Sawyer

    This paper examines land values and the associated property tax implications of formal property rights, informal property rights, and squatting. Using data from the Peruvian Living Standards...

  10. ILCN 2018 Global Congress, Santiago, Chile

    January 24, 2018

    Join private, NGO, and local community land conservationists from around the world at the ILCN’s 2018 Global Congress in Santiago, Chile on January 24-26th, 2018. The Congress is free to all participants.


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