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  1. Fighting Gun Violence in Chicago with Trees, Rakes and Cleanup Crews

    Chicago Sun-Times
    September 20, 2019
    Lincoln Institute in the News
  2. Big Plan on Campus

    At a Shuttered Detroit College, a Community Development Experiment Takes Root
    Land Lines Magazine
    September 2019
    By Anna Clark, September 13, 2019

    Detroit’s Marygrove College is closing its doors, but a new school serving preschoolers through graduate students is taking shape on its campus. Thanks to an innovative public–private...

  3. Will a New Tax Stop Connecticut's Brain Drain?

    U.S. News & World Report
    August 28, 2019
    Lincoln Institute in the News
  4. Global Urbanization

    Learning From China's Explosive Urban Growth
    Land Lines Magazine
    August 2019
    By Katharine Wroth, August 19, 2019

    Over the past four decades, more than 500 million people have moved from rural China to the nation’s cities, leading to rapid and often uncoordinated urbanization. A recent conference in...

  5. Economic Development

    Vermont Attempts a Kinder, Gentler TIF—But Will it Work?
    Land Lines Magazine
    August 2019
    By Will Jason, August 20, 2019

    Vermont has enacted some of the nation’s tightest restrictions on tax increment financing, a common economic development tool with a less-than-stellar track record. Can these guardrails make TIF work?

  6. 2019 Lincoln Institute Scholars Program

    Fellowship Opportunities
    July 2019

    The Department of Valuation and Taxation hosts a program for junior scholars in which recent PhDs specializing in public finance or urban economics have an opportunity to work with senior economists.

  7. 2019 International Conference on China Urban Development

    June 27, 2019
    Organizers and Co-Organizers: Peking University—Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy; College of Urban & Environmental Sciences, Peking University;Department of Urban Planning and Design, The University of Hong Kong and The Regional Science Association of China

    This conference will bring together researchers from different parts of the world to share empirical and policy research findings on urbanization and urbanism.

  8. Lincoln Yards Opponents Ask Judge to Stop City from Spending Any Money on the Megaproject

    Chicago Tribune
    June 20, 2019
    Lincoln Institute in the News
  9. Legacy Cities

    Three Rust Belt Cities Share Strategies for Equitable Revitalization
    Land Lines Magazine
    May 2019
    By Emma Zehner, May 28, 2019

    Leaders from Rochester, New York; Lansing, Michigan; and Akron, Ohio, are collaborating and comparing notes on how to equitably revitalize midsize legacy cities.

  10. This Lawsuit is Putting a Racial Equity Lens on Economic Development Incentives

    Next City
    May 23, 2019
    Lincoln Institute in the News


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