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  1. Making the Comeback

    Reversing the Downward Trajectory of African American Middle Neighborhoods in Legacy Cities
    Working Papers
    February 2021

    This working paper was developed jointly by Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and Center for Community Progress. In this paper I examine trends in Black middle neighborhoods in six legacy cities...

  2. Status of a New Value Capture Tool in Mexico City

    El Sistema de Actuación por Cooperación
    Working Papers
    January 2021
    David Leipziger

    Growing cities in Latin America are expanding their urban footprints at the expense of central cores. The result strains public resources, and local governments increasingly pursue strategies to...

  3. Land Lines, January/April 2021

    Land Lines Magazine
    January 2021
    Edited by Katharine Wroth

    This special double issue of Land Lines commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, chronicling the organization’s history and exploring how land can serve as a...

  4. The Road To Revitalization

    Economic Inclusion and America's Legacy Cities
    Land Lines Magazine
    January 2021
    By Lincoln Institute Staff

    Even before the COVID-19 crisis, many of America’s postindustrial cities, also known as legacy cities, struggled with economic stagnation, poverty, and deep inequality. Yet, some of these cities were...

  5. Consortium for Scenario Planning 2021 Conference

    January 13, 2021

    This event will feature presentations by the Wasatch Front Regional Council and by practitioners, consultants, and academics who use scenarios to develop more equitable and inclusive places, address economic and environment challenges, and more.

  6. A Legacy of Innovation

    How Leaders in Cleveland Reimagined and Rebuilt Their City After Decades of Decline
    Land Lines Magazine
    January 2021
    By Anna Clark, January 12, 2021

    As the city where ambitious inventor John C. Lincoln got his start, Cleveland plays a pivotal role in the history of the Lincoln Institute. By taking steps such as reembracing its natural assets and...

  7. Instrumentos de Planificación, Gestión y Financiamiento Urbano para la Mitigación y Adaptación Climática

    Online Learning
    May 17, 2021
    Coordinadora: Melinda Lis Maldonado

    El curso aborda las alternativas que existen para enfrentar el cambio climático desde la perspectiva de las políticas de suelo, con la utilización de instrumentos de planificación, gestión y financiamiento urbano.

  8. New Video Highlights Link Between Taxes and Essential Services

    Lincoln Institute in the News
    December 14, 2020
  9. Mayor’s Desk

    Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego on Sustainability and Urban Form
    Land Lines Magazine
    November 2020
    By Anthony Flint, November 18, 2020

    Phoenix is the fifth-largest city in the United States and the fastest-growing city in the country. For Mayor Kate Gallego—the second elected female mayor in Phoenix history and, at 39, the youngest...

  10. El escritorio del alcalde

    Un saldo prioritario
    Land Lines Magazine
    October 2020
    Por Anthony Flint, 2 de septiembre, 2020

    Muriel Bowser alcanzó un protagonismo nacional este año por ser una voz destacada en la pandemia del coronavirus y el movimiento por la justicia racial. Bowser fue electa alcaldesa de Washington, DC...


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