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  1. The Empty House Next Door

    Understanding and Reducing Vacancy and Hypervacancy in the United States
    Policy Briefs
    August 2020
    Alan Mallach

    Vacant and abandoned properties are a familiar part of the American landscape that can devastate entire neighborhoods, diminishing the value of nearby properties. More extreme cases may cause severe...

  2. Exploratory Scenario Planning

    How to Navigate an Uncertain Future
    Policy Briefs
    August 2020
    Jeremy Stapleton

    As uncertainty about the future grows, communities face new challenges—including rapid urban development, mass migration, pandemics, technological advancement, and climate change—at an...

  3. Antiguas ciudades industriales

    Construir un renacimiento equitativo
    Policy Briefs
    May 2020

    Las antiguas ciudades industriales, que alguna vez impulsaron la industria y la prosperidad, perdieron millones de residentes y empleos en el s. XX debido a la economía cambiante. Con...

  4. Viviendas inclusivas

    Crear y mantener comunidades igualitarias
    Policy Briefs
    February 2020
    Rick Jacobus

    Las políticas de viviendas inclusivas requieren que los desarrolladores de nuevos inmuebles a precio de mercado ofrezcan viviendas asequibles, a fin de evitar el desplazamiento de residentes...

  5. Land Value Return

    Tools to Finance Our Urban Future
    Policy Briefs
    January 2020
    Lourdes Germán and Allison Ehrich Bernstein

    Communities around the world face a crisis of investment, yet they often give away their most valuable resource: land. This policy brief lays out how the public sector can recover and reinvest land...

  6. Inclusionary Housing

    Creating and Maintaining Equitable Communities
    Policy Briefs
    December 2019
    Rick Jacobus

    Inclusionary housing policies require developers of new market-rate real estate to provide affordable housing, to prevent displacing lower-income residents. In this Policy Brief, Rick Jacobus, a...

  7. Planificación de escenarios

    Aceptar la incertidumbre para tomar mejores decisiones
    Policy Briefs
    June 2019
    Robert Goodspeed

    Mediante el proyecto Lugares Sustentables de Austin, los funcionarios electos, dueños de propiedades, residents locales y otros interesados de Dripping Springs, Texas, usan adhesivos de...

  8. Scenario Planning

    Embracing Uncertainty to Make Better Decisions
    Policy Briefs
    March 2019
    Robert Goodspeed

    Faced with an unprecedented array of uncertainties, American cities and regions increasingly turn to scenario planning, a procedural tool that enables planners to analyze multiple versions of the...

  9. Improving Tax Increment Financing (TIF) for Economic Development

    Policy Briefs
    February 2019
    David Merriman

    Tax increment financing (TIF) is a popular economic development tool across the United States, but it often falls short of its promise to revitalize struggling neighborhoods. In this four-page Policy...

  10. The Future of America’s Middle Neighborhoods

    Setting the Stage for Revival
    Policy Briefs
    November 2018

    Often overlooked, middle neighborhoods matter—both to the people who live in them and to their cities and regions—and solutions demand engagement not only from the neighborhood itself but also from the city, region, and state.


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