Property Tax in Latin America A Comparative Analysis

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Property Tax in Latin America

Property tax has been introduced in a large majority of countries, but is structured and administered in a great variety of ways in different jurisdictions. Little information is currently available regarding the performance of property taxes in Latin America. More importantly, even the public authorities of these countries have difficulty in bringing together knowledge of the main characteristics of the systems and of the reform initiatives that are underway.

In order to contribute to the organization and dissemination of information in this area, this site publishes the results of a study involving a comparative analysis of property tax in Latin America. The study is financed by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. With the aim of continuing and expanding the comparative analysis of property tax in Latin America, a Property Tax Network is being formed to bring together public administrators, tax specialists, tax agents, legislators, academics and other professionals involved in establishing guidelines, making decisions or carrying out other activities related to tax policy and administration.

The relevance of the study resides in the fact that it will help increase awareness of the ways in which property tax is administered in Latin America. The comparison between countries, regions and localities is significant to the degree that it contributes toward the identification of areas where improvements need to be made. It is important to note that the systematic internal evaluation of the tax is essential for an understanding of the factors that lead to changes in its performance in different periods, thus allowing for the monitoring of governmental activity by public agencies and civil society.