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Every spring and fall, the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy brings a variety of scholars, practitioners and authors for the Lincoln Lecture series at Lincoln House, which is free and open to the public. Most lectures are at midday and lunch is provided. Registration is required. Use the search box at below to find past and future lectures on specific topics. Select lectures are videotaped and accessible from anywhere in the world, and available in the list of lecture videos below.

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Open Books: Towards Transparency in Municipal Finance

Date(s): Feb 04, 2016

Cities that finance public projects through municipal bonds owe their investors and the public an accurate and complete picture of their financial health. The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) is the regulator charged with ensuring the fairness and efficiency of the municipal market. Joi ...


Tax Breaks, Transparency and Accountability: A Conversation with Greg LeRoy

Date(s): Jan 28, 2016

The "economic war among the states (and suburbs)" is on steroids, says Greg LeRoy, founder of Good Jobs First. Large companies such as, General Electric, Tesla, or Boeing have great power to play states and cities against each other for nine- and ten-figure subsidy packages. There is no leadership f ...


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