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Every spring and fall, the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy brings a variety of scholars, practitioners and authors for the Lincoln Lecture series at Lincoln House, which is free and open to the public. Most lectures are at midday and lunch is provided. Registration is required. Use the search box at below to find past and future lectures on specific topics. Select lectures are videotaped and accessible from anywhere in the world, and available in the list of lecture videos below.

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The Design Dividend: An Integrated Approach to Climate Resilience

Date(s): Mar 25, 2014

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, with more frequent extreme weather events and rising sea level in progress, the vulnerability of coastal cities and towns has become a matter of urgency. But out of disasters can come opportunities for innovation. Post-Sandy, a range of new initiatives, tools, policie ...


Detroit Bankruptcy and the Eroding Property Tax Base

Date(s): Mar 05, 2014

Detroit is now in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings. While there are many causes and circumstances that have contributed to dire fiscal conditions in Detroit, the erosion of the property tax base is and will continue to be critical. A number of factors have led to significant tax base erosion: re ...


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