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The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy explores some of the most pressing issues related to land today, whether property taxes, affordable housing or smart growth and climate change. The Institute seeks to be engaged in traditional and emerging media on a regular basis by offering experts, commentary, lectures and courses, video, and reference material.

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Land’s Role in a Changing China


The world is watching China, not only for its impact on global financial markets, but also to see how the country’s unprecedented urbanization will continue to unfold amid a changing economy. Having grown at scale unseen in human history, China’s cities now face an economic slowdown and potential glut of new housing, particularly outside top-tier markets such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Full Story

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  • Cities on the Brink
    Northeastern University political science professor Benedict S. Jimenez shares the results of the Municipal Fiscal Retrenchment and Recovery survey of managers, budget and finance directors on strategies that city governments have deployed in response to ongoing fiscal stress. Results show an emphas...

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