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The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy explores some of the most pressing issues related to land today, whether property taxes, affordable housing or smart growth and climate change. The Institute seeks to be engaged in traditional and emerging media on a regular basis by offering experts, commentary, lectures and courses, video, and reference material.

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Managing State Trust Lands, Updated


A comprehensive report on the management of state trust lands in the West has been updated to reflect the latest policy innovations and best practices. State Trust Lands in the West: Fiduciary Duty in a Changing Landscape (Updated), co-authored by Peter Culp, Andy Laurenzi, Cynthia Tuell, and Alison Berry, is the product of Western Lands and Communities, a joint program of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the Sonoran Institute. Full Story

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  • Are We Living in A Second Gilded Age?
    Edward T. ODonnell, Associate Professor of History at Holy Cross College in Worcester, Mass. And author of Henry George and the Crisis of Inequality: Progress and Poverty in the Gilded Age, (Columbia University Press, 2015) explores how the ideas of Henry George apply to current economic conditions,...

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