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The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy explores some of the most pressing issues related to land today, whether property taxes, affordable housing or smart growth and climate change. The Institute seeks to be engaged in traditional and emerging media on a regular basis by offering experts, commentary, lectures and courses, video, and reference material.

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Call for reform in tax breaks for rural land


The use of preferential tax treatment to protect rural land from development in the U.S. has been largely ineffective, with the benefits often outweighed by the costs, according to a new report published by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. The use of use-value assessment – the undervaluing of rural properties to reduce the tax burden – has been modestly successful in protecting some land, but the policy has been implemented poorly in many states, often with unintended consequences. The report, Use-Value Assessment of Rural Lands: Time for Reform? is co-authored by John E. Anderson and Richard W. England. Full Story

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  • From Social Stigma to Housing Solution: The Case of Manufactured Housing
    Lincoln Institute President George W. "Mac" McCarthy reports on the work of a group of plucky social entrepreneurs to transform the manufactured housing sector - homes built in factories, representing the largest unsubsidized affordable housing stock in U.S. - and the unexpected results of their eff...

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