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  1. Video Classes on Urban Land Policy

    Online Learning
    September 1, 2016

    The video classes are multimedia treatments of diverse topics related to urban land policy.

  2. Getting Past Megacities: How Peri-Urban Has Become the New City Center

    Lincoln Institute in the News
    May 15, 2012
  3. Cities at Center Stage: Towards Habitat III

    Blog Posts
    October 2014
  4. Slums, order and titling

    Blog Posts
    March 2009
  5. Exploring informal settlement

    Blog Posts
    February 2007
  6. Message from the President

    Strengthening Municipal Fiscal Health
    Land Lines Magazine
    April 2015

    When one looks at fiscally distressed cities, it is easy to conclude that insolvency is simply a product of ineffective management, a lack of financial discipline, or the incompetence or corruption...

  7. Planning and Urban Form

    September 2016

    In the face of global challenges such as urbanization, poverty, and climate change, cities need land policies and tools that can be implemented across boundaries, over long time frames, and under...

  8. Instrumentos notables de políticas de suelo en América Latina

    April 2014

    Instrumentos notables de políticas de suelo en América Latina (Notable Instruments of Land Policy in Latin America) presents abbreviated versions of 21 studies that were presented in...

  9. Regularizing Informal Settlements in Latin America

    Lincoln Institute in the News
    June 20, 2011
  10. Puzzles of Legalizing Squatters’ Settlements Worldwide

    Lincoln Institute in the News
    May 27, 2011


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