Department of International Studies

The Department of International Studies examines land policy on a global scale, particularly in Latin America and in China where we have generated extensive programming for policy makers and public officials.

In addition to our two flagship programs in Latin America and China, the Institute collaborates with several organizations worldwide raise awareness of land policy abroad:

  • Infrastructure Planning and Urban Development at the International Center for Land Policy Studies and Training in Taiwan equips public officials of developing countries with tools to analyze the economics of infrastructure investment, understand the impact of investment on urban environments, and develop alternative mechanisms for financing.
  • Tax reform training for transitional countries in Central and Eastern Europe prepares policy makers and senior government officials responsible for introducing market value-based taxation of real property in their countries.
  • Property tax in Africa aids about 40 African countries in constructing baseline information on the use of the property tax.
  • The International Land Policy conference every year addresses land policy issues across industrial and developing countries, with a focus on such topics as fiscal decentralization and property rights.
  • Other ventures include cooperation with regional centers and international organizations such as the Institute of Housing and Urban Development Studies in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, the World Bank Institute, and research centers at universities around the world.